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Upgrade your ITSM strategy to unlock ROI, stay competitive, and deliver a better service experience.

The world of finance changes by the minute. On top of the inherent capriciousness of the industry, financial businesses — from banks to insurance agencies and brokerages — are facing a myriad of macro challenges that come along with modernization. 

The rise of fintech and challenger banks make the landscape more competitive than ever, putting pressure on the ingenuity of offers, fees, and net interest margins (NIMs). Local, regional, and international mandates require even more meticulous regulatory compliance. Today’s mostly online banking means an increased need for cybersecurity and protection against data breaches and costly outages. Disruptive technologies like AI and automation demand an innovative customer experience. Automation and the transition from 3rd-party resources to scaled down in-house teams put strain on HR. And most importantly, financial brands are expected to maintain a pristine reputation – all with legacy infrastructure and technology that’s hanging by a thread.

Get More ROI on Your Tech Investments with Cherwell easysm

These are overwhelming times for financial institutions, but they don’t have to be. With easysm as your service management platform, you’ll have a solid, unwavering foundation on which everything can seamlessly run at your institution. Learn how you can gain unparalleled visibility over complex IT environments, the ability to rapidly evaluate changing needs, and the means to quickly meet them.

Digitize, personalize, and automate the service journey for employees and card holders alike. Our visual workflow builder, flexible integrations with any system, over 150 out-of-the-box mergeable applications (mApps), 11 built-in ITIL best practices, and self-service portals allow you to provide topnotch service and experiences expected today. Agents and advisors can be empowered to resolve issues fast than ever before. And card holders can gain the freedom and flexibility to manage their accounts autonomously.

Reduce operational costs and friction by centralizing disparate systems under a single, scalable cloud-based platform. What you can do with our extensible Enterprise Service Management (ESM) platform is only limited by your imagination. Incorporate AI, automation, and agile processes into your day-to-day workflows to minimize time to value. Whether you follow the 6 Sigma, Waterfall, SDLC, or Agile Methodology, you can integrate your approach with our robust reporting and analytics to make sure projects stay on track, manage demand, and optimize resource capacity.

Cyber security is the #1 risk to growth facing bank CEOs this year and 62% of them see information security as a strategic functional and overall market differentiator. Control risk exposure with our purpose-built Information Security Management Solution (ISMS). Sophisticated dashboards help you to continually monitor for compliance, optimize efficiency of staff, and make the audit process drama-free. Our no-code platform provides you with superior control, enabling you to design, manage, and maintain end-to-end processes with ease. And insight into business impact allows you to automate the response and remediation of security threats and risks rapidly.

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easysm Advantages

The easysm MSP solution is a purpose-built extension to Cherwell’s IT service management platform. This solution enables MSPs to rapidly add and support many companies and their subsidiaries with little overhead.

  • Improve your operational efficiency
  • Accelerate your time to market and innovation
  • Reduce costs and increase margins
  • Grow with differentiated service offerings
  • Avoid risks like missed SLAs and regulatory non-compliance 

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