University of New Mexico doing more with less

The Challenge:

Like many public institutions across the United States, the University of New Mexico (UNM) has faced reduced funding recently—but still has the same substantial support requirements for its students and facility. UNM has 12 colleges and over 38,000 students, faculty, and staff to provide operational efficiency for both on-campus and online. 

The existing legacy systems were difficult to maintain and at “end of life”. To cut costs, while still providing strong service, UNM replaced two ITSM legacy solutions with an AWS Cloud-Based ITIL compliant ITSM System.

“There is a DIY element to easysm that we love. You don’t need highly skilled developers and resources to make changes to the system,” — TJ Martinez, Director of Customer Support UNM’s Core Information Techologies Department

How easysm helped:

The cloud-based (AWS) ITSM solution is not just a budget-friendly choice— it also allows the University of New Mexico to make powerful, data-driven decisions. Here are some of the other noted advantages:

Reduced costs: Student staffers use the Service Management platform on a floating basis, due to the cloud-based nature of the solution, saving up to 75 percent when compared to other on-premises solutions.

Empowered, happy customers: The simple, user-friendly portal allows students, faculty, and staff to solve their own problems—as well as reducing the administrative burden, leading to a significant boost in customer satisfaction.

Fewer siloes: the application’s task management capabilities mean that all team members have access to the context behind tickets.

The technical solution (AWS – Ivanti – Cherwell)

To achieve the best outcome for our customers, easysm is hosted in AWS and leverages various elements of cloud technology to provide the best user experience. The system leverages a suite of Open and purpose-built private APIs to create an automated environment for Service Management onboarding and ongoing use. easysm has been built with simplicity and time to value in mind. easysm is hosted onshore using AWS and is supported by our managed services team. The platform is scalable to suit individual customer requirements while still adhering to the requirements outlined within the AWS well-architected solution guidelines, the solution includes all the features and modules available within a dedicated ITSM SaaS platform.


  • First call resolution increased from less than 50% to 70%.
  • Customer satisfaction rating increased from 4.5 to 5.0
  • IT staff can create their own views and dashboards, as well as fields, forms, and workflows as a result customization and configuration times have been cut by up to half.

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